5/22/09 Day 2 Tarpon Tourney Video!

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    Fished with the family and a few friends on Friday for the Day 2 of the Boca Grande Guides Association Invitational Tournament. The action was a little slower today, but we capitalized on the one bite we had, landing a decent(but not winning) tarpon about halfway through the outgoing tide. Savannah took 1st place with a 157 lb beauty and Boca Blue came on top of the release division with 8 releases over the 2 day period. The bite should continue to go off for tarpon and I will be back to the East Coast to fish on Wednesday. Check out the video at this link:

    The Daily Fishing Report: 5/22/09 Day 2 Tarpon Tourney Video!

    Here is a picture of the madness at the Pass!


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