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    Albackore is selling out their final inventory one week from today. This is some great stuff. I am posting this here for Jeff.

    Albackore Fishing Tackle Bags - Our FINAL Warehouse Parking Lot Sale

    As you know, most of us tackle bag manufacturers are long gone out of business thanks to several of the big guys.

    Anyway, even though Albackore hasn't been available in retail stores for over two years, we've continued to sell our products on eBay. Well, now that is over and we're finally closing our warehouse for good. What does this mean?

    We are selling all of our factory samples, show samples, one-of-a-kind tackle bags and prototypes, plus whatever remaining new Albackore products we have left in our warehouse. Everything must go. I also have some personal fishing gear and tackle (rods, reels, lures, etc) that will be up for sale. We even have a some Albackore backpacks available! [​IMG]

    Saturday, Sep 29th from 7AM - 3PM
    8523 Canoga Avenue, Unit H, Canoga Park, CA (2 miles south of Avet)

    CASH & CARRY ONLY, no credit cards. Bring your own bags.

    Hope you can make it!
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    Jeff is such a greay guy and great businessman... hard to compete sometimes...

    Im going to try and make this...

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