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    Aloha everyone, been busy working, no can get to the water, yet did today after I pau work. Glad I did, weather has been awesome, small kine South swell, yet on east side of the island, no problem. Weather has been clear skies and hovering between 87-90 degrees for the past two weeks.

    Ok went out to one of my regular spots after I pau work to meet up with a few friends who were goin to arrive a few hours before. As I make my way from my jeep and come up the spot, Keoki had just finished pullin in this Monster Kaku - Barracuda. We wieghed it on a digital scale and it wieghed in at 37lbs. The teeth on this bugga were sharp, and even dangerous out of the water. The Kaku is one good fish for eat, fly'm on the grill, a little Puleho action, just add a little Hawaiian salt and pua, all good for go.

    Darin in the picture picked up one really nice Kagami, its like a Rooster fish, same species of Trevally or Jack, damn good eating fish, great for Sashimi, onolicious this kine fish. Some people go a life time actually without ever catching one, Darins weighed in at 11lbs. I have caught a total of three in my lifetime, yet never this size.

    Leko get one OIO, I guess what you guys in the mainland would refer to as a Bonefish, good for eat, same kine used for fish cake. His weighed in at 10lbs and fought damn good takin him for a few good runs.

    As for me... I neva catch nothing today, bankrupt completely. Thats how sometimes, I did however just get home from eatin some good fish, a lil Sashimi and a lil Puleho action..... Hanapa!


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