Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

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    I've had this reel since July. The HXW comes with low gear, 1.9:1, larger power handle, and no "cast control". It weighs 29 oz. and is the smallest, lightest, strongest 30 range reel ever made. You can get 42#, at strike setting, with no "binding", and 54# at full setting. It casts better than any 30 size reel [sardines], and is very easy to use.
    It comes in HXW, HX, and HXJ. HXW and HX have 1.9 gear and 3/4" pinion bearing. HXJ has 2.2:1 low gear [jig reel] and 3/4" pinion bearing, and HX and HXJ have cast control, but no power handle [ it's optional].
    HXW holds 500 yards of 100# spectra, with 100 yards of 80# mono.
    I won't get a chance to try it till December 10-day.
    Included is a picture of a 300# tuna, caught with HX 5/2, small handle, and 2.2:1 low gear and smaller pinion bearing. Note: HX's were changed to 1.9:1 low gear, and 3/4" pinion bearing, after 100-200 were released. If you buy one, make sure it's a later version.
    Price of HXW 5/2 Raptor $569.99.
    Should be terrific for medium sized tuna 100-200#, dropper loop fishing, or trolling. Especially casting sardines!
    The first two HX Raptors I bought, were early production versions, I had to return them and get a later , improved, model, shown in picture. The later, improved model is significantly BETTER!

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    That thing is awesome!!!!! I can't even imagine how much power that reel has.
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    I just got a new HXJ raptor, and it came with the power handle.

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