Calstar 610 rewrap?

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    Hey everyone I was recently given an older Calstar 610 when my girlfriends grandfather passed away.. The rod is in pretty good shape But I think i want to have it re wrapped and updated and keep this thing fishing forever. He loved fishing more than just about anything and i know it would make him happy knowing i'm treating his tackle with the same respect he would have.

    Having said that ive never had a rod wrapped before and dont really know where to start. I really just want to throw some braid ready guides on it, Add an alps reel seat, new butt cap and put new grips on it. Would it be more cost efficient to buy the components myself and take it to a shop for assembly or just go through a local shop? I don't have the money to do it all at once right now but could buy the components then pay for the wrapping to not take the blow all at once. Thanks for any advice.:beerbang:
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    Have a professional supply the braid ready eyes and all of the components and pay for a beautiful turn key job. Most professional rod builders purchase the components wholesale so they can make some money on them. The labor to strip down the rod down to a blank, clean it up and most likely would need to be refinished (painted). Now the blank would be ready to rebuild and wrap. Too much labor & money!
    Just fish the old rod with mono and go purchase a new rod ready to go for modern braid.
    I wrap, restore & repair my own rods. I know what it takes to complete a project that you are asking about.
    If you want to learn how to do this project yourself go to and they can provide you with how too & materials.
    Hope this helps and good luck.
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