Cancelled 9/27/14 DK trip

Discussion in 'Dark Kings Fishing Club' started by bajadave, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2003
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    Hey folks, I talked to Shawn and there's no openings until the 11/29/14, so that being said....................Our next Dark Kings Trip is on the 11/15/14, two weeks sooner and only 4 weeks away. If you have paid and can't make this trip, please PM me with you information and I will promptly send you a check.
    If you can fish on our next charter, WELCOME, and you're PAID!!!!! You never know, yellows might hang around and if not, Shawn said that he would make this into a Lingcod special trip for the DKs. Lets plan out Party!!!

    P.S. Don't forget our New Year Eve charter on board the Aloha. :beerbang:

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