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Discussion in 'Hawaii USA' started by Kauai_Kanseah, September 2, 2011.

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    Aloha everyone, well I broke one of my own rules the other evening. I allowed for one of my cousins to take me along for an over nighter on the boat for a lil Ahi Action. Time for a lil hand line action

    Catching Ahi is not my forte, although I have a small whaler, yet I use that mostly for reef diving and such. I guess it is well documented that I love my surf fishing and get a lot of enjoyment and of course eat well as a result of it

    Anyhow we left around 11 Am, and returned the following day I believe at around 4 pm.

    Did pretty good, I love eating Ahi, yet my cousin really gets his thrills out of catching them. Some of the Ahi are pretty good size, one I believe topped in at nearly 300. The trip yielded close to 1000 lbs of fish. The family was really happy about these, enjoy

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    That's awesome. I was checking out your recent posts and those are a lot of real nice fish. Keep up the good work.


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