For Sale: Accurate and Tiburon Reels

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    Why pay over $700 for a new Tiburon when you can get it for $450?

    Tiburon Engineering SST 20/80 *Brand New never Fished* $450

    • Automatic 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel
    • SST-2000 Drag System
    • Loaded with 400 yards of 80lb. Spectra topped off with 50lb. mono
    • *Note: You don't need to push a button to switch from low to high gear
    Why pay over $450 for a new Accurate when you can get it for $350?

    Accurate B-665HXM *Brand New never Fished* $350

    • Boss Magnum Twin Drag Reel
    • Gear Ratio 6:1
    • Awesome Wahoo Reel
    Contact Carlo at

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