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Discussion in 'West Coast' started by grantar2, May 28, 2018.

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    It's been a long four years since early retirement led me to sell my 25 footer.and give up fishing, (and racing). During that time I have been boat-less and especially in the fall when lobster season comes around I mope. Technically I haven't been truly boat-less as I have had an 8 foot inflatable, but the motor went south five years ago, and it's too small for the 8hp I have that works.

    Sold my AVET and used that money to defray the cost of a new 11 foot inflatable Hydro Force from Costco. The boat takes up to a 15hp so I am set power wise. I previously had an 11 foot Newport Vessels and it made a great hooping and coastal fishing platform. Living as I do a half hour from Dana Point Harbor (where my previous boat was berthed and an hour from the launch ramp at Newport Harbor, I am looking forward to tossing some plastics off the point.

    I have to be honest, with the economy picking up I expected this place might come back to life, but looks pretty slow. Still looking forward to getting back on the water again.

    Best wishes all.

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