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    MARCH, 2013
    Thank goodness March is here and we can start looking forward to more spring like days on the water! Right now, due to recent cold weather, the water temps are hovering around 59-60 degrees. Another four to five degrees should stimulate the arrival of some of our migratory fish such as spanish mackerel, ladyfish, jacks, etc.
    As wacky as the weather is these days, it's difficult to predict when certain fish species will show up. It pays to be prepared for a variety of situations.

    Redfish, bluefish, speckled yellowmouth and silver trout, black drum, sheepshead, and croakers will all bite in the colder water under the right conditions. The recent El Cheapo sheepshead tournament, involving approx 450 boats, saw two fish weighed in at over eleven pounds, and hundreds of others caught.

    Windy conditions can be challenging in March, though the inshore fishermen have more options than their offshore counterparts to duck in out of the wind next to a lee shore, bulkhead, etc. Surf fishermen should be able to catch some nice sized whiting, pompano, and drum this month.

    The giant black drum will be in the area for their annual spawn. These fish can be very large, pushing a hundred pounds on occasion, and in my opinion should all be carefully released to spawn again. The smaller drum are better eating anyway.
    See you on the water!

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    Nice pics. Those big Black Drum are not food quality. Let them go!

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