January 2014 Costa Rica Fishing Report

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    Fishing reports for the month of January were some of the best we have ever seen here in Quepos and Los Sueños. This was another month when you wonder where to start the report, there was just so many days of great fishing. This report in my mind was basically started for me the other day when we had a new set of clients come in for their four day fishing trip and when he asked me how the fishing was I said "it was a little slow today they only released 8 Sailfish..." Well the look on his face said it all and he answered back "slow??? and they released 8 Sailfish", that's how the month of January left us as one amazing month of fishing Costa Rica.

    Quepos, Costa Rica fishing reports were good and steady for the first couple weeks and then the bite went off the hook, the last two weeks of the month started with a bang and reports of 50 plus Sailfish releases in a day started to roll in, there was a couple in that range, and a ton of them coming in with 20 and ever 30 plus releases in a day to finish out the month. Welcome to Quepos hope you are ready to fish!!

    Los Sueños reports were the same amazing reports coming in, the Los Sueños Signature Billfish series tournament was held this month and they released a total of 11 Marlin and an amazing 2159 Sailfish released over the event on 42 Boats

    We start a new month here in Costa Rica so we hope that the amazing bite continues as we head in February for those of you lucky anglers that get to fish with us here in Costa Rica.


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