Looking for Fishing Buddies.

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  1. WickedGoodOutdoors

    February 12, 2017
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    Looking for Fishing Buddies.

    Anyone Want to do some fishing? I have a boat, Disabled Veteran and need help with it.

    Physically & financial Help is needed.

    Fuel, Maintenance, Marina slip, Insurance, Licenses, Registration Mortgage, Bait, Tackle. It all adds up quick!

    Might be fun to Fish both Fresh and Salt Waters.

    Keeping the Boat at the Marina would be best if I can get donations to cover expenses.

    I am Not Physically able to do the work on the boat due to incurable medical issues. My health is failing, have Medical issues of an "Incurable nature, according to the Doctors" On Chemo Drugs and other nasty drugs that I will be on the rest of my life, however long that may be, that are keeping me alive but,

    I won’t ever be able to work again. I just am not able to do much anymore. Some days I can barely lift a coffee cup, other days are better.

    Need helps I cant do it myself. not able to physically launch, recover the boat on the trailer.

    Any of you guys want to get involved?

    Possibly Partners financial and/or Working.

    Could use some real hands on help with this if your local to Old Orchard Beach/Saco, Maine area.

    Capt Walt

    [email protected]



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