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    Maggie Joe August Fishing Report:

    Mahalo to father, Laird, and son and angler, Eric, for choosing Maggie Joe Sport Fishing! The father-son team departed Kewalo Basin, next to Waikiki, aboard the Maggie Joe with Captain Mike and the crew on a full day sport fishing charter. It didn’t take long for the action to start up as at about 7:30 am the team got their first strike of the day while deep sea fishing outside of Honolulu, Oahu… Eric hopped in the fighting chair and reeled in this 357 lb Blue Marlin in roughly 10 minutes!
    The guys got another double Ahi strike later on in the day, with one coming off and the second being bit by a shark… you can see the remains to the left of Eric in the photo above. What was left of the tuna made for great sashimi and steaks the next day!

    Along with seeing a ton of Blue Marlin this month, we've just now started seeing the yellowfin tuna come in as well, after being somewhat elusive this summer. Captain Matt and the Ruckus have been finding the yellowfin tuna consistently, as almost everyday they come home with either an Ahi or a Shibi... or sometimes both. This makes for great eating and lots of good fun. Check out the Ruckus's catch in our gallery and see for yourself!

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    Maggie Joe Sport Fishing
    Maggie Joe Sport Fishing Oahu Deep Sea Fishing

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