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Discussion in 'Gulf Coast' started by drew0535, July 23, 2008.

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    I am going to Florida to visit a friend and we are going to be some surf fishing. He has an extra smaller pole however we are going to try to do some shark fishing from the surf and neither of us have anything big enough for this. I am looking for advice on what size, type or even brands of rod, reel, line leaders etc you suggest. this is something that I am hoping to use several times a year so I am not looking to go overkill and spend to much however I am not looking for something for a one time use either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    First off welcome to the site. Second I moved this to gulf coast because I think you will get a getting response from this place. The other place you might want to hit is our sister site Get Bent Florida - Home they should have some info for ya too. Good luck on your fishing and remember to post pics when you get back.
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    I use

    14' surf rod - you buy these for around $30-50 or $100 for an Ugly Stick (I like these).

    Penn SS7500 spinning reel - there are cheaper substitutes

    40# mono line with a 50# braided leader - you may want to go steel leader if fishing for shark.

    I use heavy circle hooks, depending on what I am fishing for. The bigger the hook and bait, the bigger the hook. I often put out 1 line for the "beast" that lurks: 6-10" live bait, cut so it bleeds, and another line for the smaller fish that may bite.

    The circle hooks almost always hook in the corner of the mouth which make it easy to remove the hook. Especially nice for catch and release.

    Don't forget the rod holders, the bigger the better IMO. You gotta have these so you don't stand there and hold the rod.

    Good luck!!

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