Okuma Nomad Travel Rods

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    I have purchased a pair of Okuma Travel Rods, one spinning and one conventional; both in L-ML weight. Each rod comes with two tips, one in 12-20# and the other in 15-30# weight, However, they seem to be a bit heavier than advertised. I plan to use 25# topshots on the L tips and 40# topshots on the ML tip. I am sure that the rods will work rigged this way. In fact, I have heard of fishermen using heavier lines that that on their Nomad L-ML rods. The heavier versions seemed a bit heavy for my use.

    The rods seem very well made and come in a nice travel case. I have not fished them yet but have practiced casting with them and am quite happy with the way they perform.

    There are only two problems as I see it with the Nomads:

    I really wish that they were a couple of inches shorted when broken down so I could fit them in my checked on suitcase when flying. They are 30 inches long.

    My Avet MX and SX reels do not fit on the ALPS reel seats of the conventional rods. That means that I will be using my JX with 40# test when fishing the ML tip and my Calcutta 400 with 25# test when fishing the L tip. There is no problem using any salt water spinning reel on the ALPS reel seats of the spinning rods. I will use a Penn Battle 4000 and have two different spools.

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