One stop shoppin on the Dominator 7/9

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    July 1, 2012
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    I finally got a chance to get out again when my buddy invited me on a private charter for his dads company on the Dominator out of Point Loma. I knew I was in for a great trip when I noticed almost nobody on the boat had even brought tackle with them... literally half the tackle rack was empty! The captain decided to stay a little closer to home to avoid the fleet and gain us a few more hours of fishing time. We motored south about 50 miles and at 5 am the trollers went out while looking for patties.

    The troll rods sat silent all day but there was no shortage of kelp on the way back north. The first few stops of the morning had nothing but rats under them that were practically willing to jump in the boat :lol: . Once the sun got up the captain found us a garage door sized patty that was holding a few yellows in the #20 class and it was game on 8) . I went 5 -5 on a mix of yo-yo and live bait all off that one patty.... One stop shopping! I gave the two smaller fish away to an angler who hadnt caught anything and it seemed to make his day a little better.

    We never saw any tuna so I guess that means I have to go fishing again..... damnit man.. :lol: Thanks for reading and tight lines!

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    Good haul, congrats on the fine work.
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    Thats my kind of shopping, Nice fish

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