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    Tried for salmon today out of Port San Luis. Weather report had deteriorated from the previous day with wind predicted much sooner. I needed to run the little boat after some work on the lower unit anyways so what the heck. Figured it would be a short day, and it was. Got to the launch @0600 hrs and had about 6 boats ahead of us. Took about 45 min to get launched and outside the harbor. Started fishing about 0700 trolling uphill in about 130 ft of water. Only two of us so only two rods, one straight bait the other white spoon, 60 and 100 ft. on the down riggers. Wind was blowing 10 knts and water was 57 deg and dirty green. No bait at first but lots of whales and some birds in the area. Trolled I mean beat our way uphill into a building wind swell for a couple miles and metered lots of bait but no take downs. Turned down swell to make it more pleasant and trolled until our angle back in would not be to bad in the wind. Wind was now 15 knts and a solid 2-3 ft wind swell. No take downs and we headed inside the wind line to some rocks in about 60 ft not far from the launch. We were only able to make 3 or 4 SHORT drifts until the wind moved in on us but we caught a couple rock fish and this one nice ling on jigs. Wind continued to build so we ran for port and were off the water with the boat on the trailer and cleaned by 1130 hrs. Grabbed lunch and a beer at Fat Cats before driving home. No salmon but some taco meat and the boat ran great. Ready for the wind to lay down:sad:

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    Yeah, the bait up here is insane but fish are lock jaw. Story of my season. Got lucky with 2 semi successful trips.

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