Venice Yellowfin Tuna

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    The fishing is really starting to heat up. The weather is too, it’s nice to finally be able to run up and down the river in shorts and maybe just a light jacket. This past weekend both the weather and fish felt like cooperating. On Friday I had Taylor Theunissen and friends and they wanted tuna, unfortunately so did the sharks. After loosing the first fish of the day to a shark we managed to put half of the second fish in the box. [​IMG]
    After that the shark must have gotten his fill because he just swam around the rest of the afternoon without taking any more of our fish. We caught a couple more nice yellows then we hooked into a stud. After three hours and eight minutes we had the fish six inches from the gaff when it bit through the leader and swam away to fight another day. That tuna was a solid 170-180#. Heartbreak city! Like I told Taylor it’s not the ones you catch that keeps you coming back it’s the ones you lose.
    Saturday I had Brant Mathieu and the fish were even more cooperative. It was nice to see schools of tuna on the surface jumping around and eating anything they could get their lips around.
    That fish was on the first bait in the water and it ate the bait half way out. It was solid action once they turned on. Our biggest of the day went 95 pounds.
    The coolest part of the day was a 10 minute stretch where there were three billfish hooked all around and including us. Two of the boats fishing next to us each jumped a blue and when I looked behind us there was a small sailfish sniffing our prop exhaust. He was all lit up with his sail extended absolutely beautiful. Wish I could have gotten a picture of it but I was too busy trying to hook it. We did get it to bite and came tight to it just long enough for one jump before it spit the hook.
    I expect the fishing to do nothing but get better. The forecast for this week looks the best in I can’t remember how long and the fish are waiting for you.
    Capt. Billy Wells
    Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

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