WTT Wrapped seeker 808 w/ reel for shimano curado 200 E5 w/ rod

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    Looking to trade a used (barely) seeker 808 (wrapped) *possibly with a sealine 30 (see below)* for a shimano curado 200 E5 in good condition w/ a. The rod is wrapped black and white, and says "the Judge" on it in small letters. Handle is butt cord and guides are perfection.

    this is a great light bait stick. It has a soft tip so its great for tossing chovies to bass. Fished it a couple times over the summer, but don't really use it anymore. On one of the trips i fished it, I caught a 20 lb halibut and the rod performed beautifully.

    I payed $175 for this rod.

    *** if you have a decent rod (ex. shimano clarus or daiwa coastal inshore) that you would like to trade WITH the Curado, I will give you both the seeker rod AND a Daiwa Sealine 30 in good condition to go with it. so basically I get the Curado E5 w/ a rod, and you get a seeker 808 w/ a good reel (sealine 30)***

    so if you have a shimano curado 200 E5 in good condition (not used surf fishing) that you are willing to trade, I can meet you at King Harbor or at the boaters world in torrance, or we can meet at some other good location


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