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Old 11-16-2005, 02:45 PM     #1
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Name: Dan Hernandez
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: making Hollywood magic everyday
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 7,217

WHEN: <st1:date Day="8" Year="2005" Month="11">TUESDAY 11/15/05</st1:date>








<DIV align=center>
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3/4 Day </TD>
<TD style="BORDER-RIGHT: #e0dfe3; PADDING-RIGHT: 2.25pt; BORDER-TOP: #e0dfe3; PADDING-LEFT: 2.25pt; BACKGROUND: gainsboro; PADDING-BOTTOM: 2.25pt; BORDER-LEFT: #e0dfe3; WIDTH: 18.75pt; PADDING-TOP: 2.25pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: #e0dfe3" width=25>
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44 Yellowtail, 95 Whitefish, 6 Sheephead, 42 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 8 Halfmoon, 7 Calico Bass, 18 Bonito</TD></TR></T></T></T></TABLE></DIV>


Marc and Ross arrive to my house around <st1:time Hour="4" Minute="30">4:30 AM</st1:time>. I load my gear in to Ross’ truck and we head off to Redondo Sportfishing to jump on the SPITFIRE. This was a fun drive down the 405 one because it was foggy and two because Ross was still partying from the night before. Many of you may remember Ross from the SoCalSteve Ellie M charter report in August. We arrive at the landing get our tickets head back to the truck and wait to jump on the boat. I am think sweet all 3 spots center stern right where we want to be! I share this info with Marc who did not know this boat had “assigned number”. At about <st1:time Hour="17" Minute="50">5:50</st1:time> we walk over to the boat waitCaptain Jeffand jump on the boat. Set down the tackle bags hang the rods find a nice place to hang all the while anticipating a nice day out on the water. I see a few familiar faces from last week so after a few short introductions it was time for a beer. The boat takes off the captain comes on the loud speaker and tells us we are going to get bait. I check the bait tanks and there is some squid not as much as last week but there is some. I am thinking ok cool we’ll pick up more squid and then get some fin bait. Well we got the fin baitand didn’t get any squid. Oh well we’ll have to conserve the candy and fish the fresh dead and fin bait until the YT show.

A short ride over maybe a long ride it seems to get shorter and shorter every time I go to Catalina along the back side we went. We hit the first spot and there was nothing around. The captain says we are making a move the Dreamer just called and they have been on a bite. We get to the second spot and the Dreamer looked like they were getting ready to pull the anchor. The captain set up and lines with fresh dead went into the water. After a few minutes one guy gets slammed lets out a war cry and its FISH ON! Then WHAM another guy is on. I am thinking alright this is a good spot not 5 minutes in and 2 guys hanging fish. At this point the captain calls for one round of squid. I walk up to the bait tank and Fernando hands me a nice squid. I pin it on and back in the water I go. As soon as the first fish gets boated the entire boat explodes with a huge cheer; and as if the fish gods enjoyed the yell WHAM WHAM WHAM three guys get slammed. Fish are being lost left and right around the boat, 2<SUP>nd</SUP> fish comes on deck another big cheer. So I am soaking my bait working it up and down letting line out pulling in a little. The deck hands are running around helping the guys with fish on. OVER UNDER MOVE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY COME ON GUYS oh the sweet sounds of decks hands yelling instructions. Then all of a sudden it happens WHAM ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wait for it set it in gear MAJOR BENDO “HOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKK UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! !” I got a fish on my 20# ARC / SX combo. And this thing is pulling like no other. I hear the captain GET THAT FISH DAN! I start to follow my fish first left and I can’t gain any line then to the right lucky I had no one around me at the moment then here come a guy with a fish on and Derrick the cook/deckie coming my way he says you got a fish I say HELL YEAH BUDDY. He says ok lets work together ready and SWITCH boom like music we switch and my fish heads left. I follow it yelling COMING LEFT HOT RAIL past one guy and the fish tires. Great time to gain some line. I am reeling like a mad man trying to get the fish to the boat when here come Derrick again COMING OVER DAN DON’T MOVE. They pass and my fish decides that left is the way to keep going. They get past a few guys and I am yelling HOT RAIL HOT RAIL. One guys backs up and lets me go under the next guy STUCK on the rail not moving. I lower my shoulder and right into him I go all the while yelling COMING LEFT COMING LEFT. I look up and see what a guy with a big fish on his line doesn’t want to see. My line has wrapped with the guy that didn’t move. I start yelling your line is wrapped around mine work with me. He says that’s not my line. Just then the fish takes off away from the boat. The wrap gets caught in a guide my rod doubles over and POP fish off! I am pissed. I reel back in and sure enough here comes the guys line wrapped twice around mine. I undo the wraps look at the guys and say not your line? BULL CHET! And walk away. Marc looks at me and says what happen you had that fish. To which I respond very loudly GUYS WITH OUT FISH ON AND NOT LISTEN! Now I must admit there may have been a few more words mixed in there but this is a friendly board. Marc says ok calm down and get back in the water. I say YEAH MAN BUT THESE GUYS ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS LISTEN. Again there may have been a few more words mixed in there. Again Marc says ok well calm down your fish is gone now get back into the water and hook another one. I say ok go grab my LX pin on a bait and I am back in the water. Not to long after that the bite dies and the fish are no longer biting. When it was said and done we had 18 nice YT on the boat a few bonitos. I guess I should mention that I caught 1 bonito. The captain walks by me, sees I had a little bendo in my rod and asks what do you have on there? I say a little bonito. I had hooked one on 30# test andI was still fuming from loosing a fish so I was reeling him to the boat then I would stop reeling and he’d pull drag off then I would start reeling in and he’d come right to the boat. After a few times I bounced on deck threw it in the sack and gave it away later. THANK YOU LITTLE BONITO you life’s purpose was to get hooked and calm me down. The captain comes on the loud speaker and says ok guys lets go deeper get some rock fish and then we’ll try again later this afternoon we picked some up on a late bite yesterday. So off to deeper water we headed.

I did not bring my rock cod rig I just made for which I was very upset knowing we had a good chance to rock fish I left it home as I had my 3 rigs as well as 2 other rigs for Ross to use and a bass rig for Marc to use. I rigged up a 3 way swivel a 6 oz weight and a hook for some rockies. I then set up Ross on a double dropper loop with 8 oz and 2 hooks. Marc re rigged in the same way that Ross was rigged. Its funny we started out the morning in “assigned spots” in the middle of the YT bite people were stacked on the back not moving. I fished from port side to starboard side during the YT bite because I didn’t want to “bump” someone a little to hard after I cast out because then they would have said something then I would have said something then Marc would have said something and since Ross was still partying from the night before he would have said something. So in order to avoid this Marc and I just fished either side of the boat. But when it came to rock fish everyone was back in there spot! Now I understand that you can’t stand in one spot while in the middle of a hot bite but don’t take over a spot like its yours. Cast off the side and work your bait to the back. Oh well the joys of fishing party boats. First rock only little fish. So we move onto another rock. I drop down way down and wait to get bit then BAM I feel something or at least I think I feel something . I reel in and bendo nice! After reeling and reeling and reeling I notice a guy a few spots away from me is reeling and reeling well sure enough WE surface a nice ling cod only problem is its his hook in the mouth I am just helping him bring up the fish! LMAO. Fernando undoes the tangle and back down I go. A few white fish later and the skunk off my back I am again smiling and having a good time. Marc is bragging to Ross how he and I are the KINGS of rock fishing he says just watch we’ll bring up fish even when people around us don’t. Good thing was Ross was bringing up a few fish and having fun with it. Well guess who wanders over by Marc the same guy that was wrapped up with me. Marc gets bit and pulls in a nice white fish then I get bit and a nice white fish then we both go back down and at the same time get bite set the hook and pull in 2 more quality white fish. The guy next to us can’t figure why he isn’t catching fish. Marc has a huge smile on his face and I know that inside he is cracking up because we are pulling up fish while this guy is just standing there. After a few more rock fish including the guy who wasn’t catching any and the captain says ok guys lets go try again. At this point I am think ok an hour maybe an hour and a half for YT fishing. Lets see if we can’t get one or two more on the boat.

We get to the new spot and the fog which never let up is starting to get thick. We see the SEAHAWK out there fishing; we circle around them and Captain Jeff finds a nice spot to settle into. We can hear a war cry or two from the seahawk. Down goes the anchor and a few minutes later WHAM first fish on. Great the spot we are in is holding fish well at least one. Then another and another the boat erupts again and the chaos begins fish are being hooked and lost left and right the captain is yelling to make these ones count. Switch to heavier gear guys is the call. I am already fishing 30# so I am ok! Again I am working my bait in the water then WHAM ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ slam it into gear set the hook zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FISH ON. And this time it’s a big one! this fish was just ripping line and I am not turning it or gaining any line. The fish tires I give it a few cranks and gain a little line but not much so into FULL goes my reel now I am gaining line the fish does not like this and takes off right this time I have Derrick on my shoulder working through the lines UP OVER UNDER STEP BACK KEEP REELING DAN MOVE RIGHT NICE GUYS NOW YOU ARE WORKING TOGETHER I set my reel back into STRIKE because I am not breaking this fish off up to the port side gate it took me and then it tires I can’t turn the fish so back into FULL turn the fish gain some line and left we go. I am yelling HOT RAIL HOT RAIL into the corner a few more cranks and the fish keeps running left. Back into STRIKE goes my reel and now I am starboard side corner fighting the fish. Into FULL once again and I start reeling gain some line I had just lost on the move to the corner and the fish is moving left so I go with it. Derrick all the while is yelling instructions KEEP PUMPING ROD TIP OUT UNDER UNDER YOU GOT THIS FISH DEEP COLOR! DON’T REST NOW YOU REST THE FISH RESTS GAFF! I look over and see the fish Derrick says ITS DOING ITS DEATH CIRCLES PUMP OH CHET ITS TRYING TO GO FOR THE RUDDER PUMP then the fish at color decides to go to the starboard gate a few cranks and
Derrick swings misses hits my line lucky I was right next to him watching as soon as the gaff hit my line I moved my arms left go give the line a little slack Derrick pulls the gaff out of the water one more swing right through the fishes eye and slams it on the deck! I look up and let out a huge war cry and look down a nice FAT YT. Fernando walks over to me and he says you’ve done it again. That’s the biggest fish on the boat. I said we’ll see I hope so I have seen a few others. Rest for a few minutes I go check to see how Marc and Ross are doing neither having much luck. Fish were being hooked all around us and being lost all around us. The bite was hot so I look at Ross and say time for me to get back into the water! The bite dies down a little and I hear the captain say ok 10 more minutes. So now I am working my bait real hard trying to entice another bite when someone gets hooked up and then another. And again the bite turns on. Fish are being landed and lost almost in the same ratio. About half an hour into the bite I had worked my way back to the stern and cast out when I get picked up ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ put the reel in gear set the hook and AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I GOT ANOTHER ONE! this one was not as big as the one I had landed but was still pulling drag. I fight the fish gain some line lose some line. This time Fernando is on my shoulder and I am working up and down the port side of the boat. I put the reel intoFULL and start cranking with everything I have the fish turns and comes to the boat. It pops its head out of water and just starts going crazy. Lucky for me Fernando had already gone to get the gaff he swings gaffs the fish and slams it on the boat and says good work. Well 10 more minutes more turned into about an extra hour of fishing. A few more big fish came on the boat and the captain says ok guys its really late. Like all good things this too must come to an end. The YT gave us another chance here at the end and we got some more. If you have a big YT and are in the jackpot Fernando will be doing it shortly. This had to be one of the best JP weigh ins I have seen. Guys are bringing there YT’s over and Fernando is weighing them I am holding my big boy just waiting for a bit I see a fish trump a few and then Fernando calls me over and says put yours on NO CONTEST my fish tips the scale and the boat goes nuts! A guys brings over a nice long YT and says my turn I hear guys no way other guys saying oh he’s got it they put the fish on NO CONTEST my fish again tips the scale another big roar I hear told you so. Then comes a big fish again I hear no way he’s got it no the longer YT has it they put the fish on and the scale rocks slowly back and forth in the end my fish tipped the scale again the boat erupts. Fernando starts announcing “FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW WE DAN HERNANDEZ ON THE JACKP…” when out of no where a guy yells no wait one more fish one more fish I look over and this guy has a big fish in his hands. They put the fish on lift the scale and again the scales rocks slowly in the end it tipped to the other guys fish! It was close but he did have a fish that weighed slightly more than mine. Oh well I had fun and it was an exciting weigh in. It was the guys last fish of the day and it was a nice one.

Marc and Ross, I hope you guys had fun fishing. Thanks for wetting a line with me. I am sure we will do it again real soon.

Again I can’t thank the crew of the SPITFIRE enough. They run a top notch operation over there. Captain Jeff loves to hunt for fish and is willing to stay out late to find the fish and kept us out there well past the time we should have been out there. We did not leave CAT until after we should have been back at the docks. Derrick great gaff shot and way to work that rail with all those guys. Fernando another great day on the water thanks for the help! I look forward to fishing the SPITFIRE real soon.

I handed out a few GETBENT cards on the boats so I hope a few of you guys log on and post on this thread or anywhere on the boards.

Sorry guys my camera is still broken so I did not get a picture of my fish. There was a guy on the boat that had a digital I asked him to take a picture and dropped him a GBSF card with my e mail address on it so I hope he sends it and logs on.



Click the image to open in full size.Edited by: ODH33
I am THE Dan Hernandez
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Name: brian wolber
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great report dan wish i would of been there and congrats

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Name: Joey
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Awesome report Dan! I would have checked that guys fish to make sure he didn't stuff any torpedos down its gut!

Congrats on a great trip man!

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Nice to know you got the magic touch on those YT....

Glad you got out there and landed some
" Me?, Fail English class, That's unpossible,"...Ralph Wiggum
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This is KILLING ME!!! man I have got to get out and fish. Congrats you ^(*$&amp;# hehehe.
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Very nice dan!!
I cant wait to get out friday night!
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Great report ODH..... 2 weeks in a row., WOW........congrats.
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OH man i shoulda ditched school!
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Nicely done again!

Have you ever considered to become a professional report writer...[img]smileys/[/img]
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