Guaguing Fish Weight

So you caught a big ole fish but didn't bring a scale or maybe your scale doesn't read high enough as your catch is to big (lets hope that is the case). Well you can get a pretty fair estimate of the fishes weight by following the guidelines below. Although, when we are through with this you will probably just want to go out and either buy a or a bigger scale.

Ok, break out your notepad as here we go.

Measure the fish from tip of the nose to the fork of the tail (this will be called the LENGTH MEASUREMENT). Now measure around the fish in front of the Pectoral Fins (this will be called the GIRTH MEASUREMENT).

  •  Now take the girth measurement and square it (multiply it by itself - if the measurement was 12 inches then would be: 12x12=144).

  •  Now multiply the girth number squared (144) by the length measurement (lets say 30 inches) (144x30=4320).

  •  Now divide by 800 (4320รท800=5.4) so your fishes weight is approximately 5.4 lbs.

Your other option is to get the measurements enter them below and let it calculate the weight for you.

You may need to refer to the Fish Fin Chart below for this process.