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    Well I Tried!!!!!!.....

    I tried to explain to people that it was going to rain this morning at the coast, but not where I was going to go fishing. Oh no, it's going to rain and I don't want to fish in the rain. Ok, BoBo and I got in the truck and we went fishing by ourselves. And thankfully, I was right..... It never rained the whole time BoBo and I were fishing or should I say catching!!!

    The skies were overcast, the air was warm and calm, and it took me about an hour to find the fish and that was around 11AM when the Garmin "Down Vu" marked a school of fish and I had just told myself that this should be what I was looking for when two rods doubled over with a couple nice Yellow Perch. Thinking I had found a school of nice Yellow Perch, and I may have had, but......

    The big Largemouth Bass and Chain Pickerel had stolen the scene after this and I could hardly keep rigged and lines in the water for the next couple hours. Several times, and by that I mean at least a dozen or more times the rod would double over and in just a few seconds the lure would be broken off by a big fish. Why not use heavier line?, you can, but you won't get the bites you will on lighter line, and I'll gladly sacrifice some lures to get the bites!! About 2 hours of this and I had enough. It was time to head home and you'll never guess what we had tonight for dinner.

    That's right, fried chain pickerel.... as good as it gets!!! Here's a tip for you.... if you have tried to eat them before and couldn't because of the "Y" bones, well, I have a video on You Tube showing you how to remove these "Y" bones, it has over 18,000 views and some rave reviews. Try one of these fish once and you'll have a new species that you will from then on target, I guarantee it!!!!! They are delicious and a blast to catch as they fight hard and jump high!!!!!

    It was an awesome way to start the new fishing year and I will do everything I can to make it continue!!! The lures that worked for me today was the Berkley "Flicker Shad" laced with Pro-Cure's "Crappie And Panfish Magic super gel" The combo was definitely what they wanted today and if you will notice the lure on the left, it has the hooks nearly eaten off the lure.

    Lots of rain and some major changing weather patterns are in the forecast. But, you know us, we will be somewhere trying to put the pieces of the new puzzle together and when we do, I will have the results for you right here!!! Sorry about some of the pictures today, I was by myself and many times when I was trying to take a picture of one fish I would have another rod or two to get bit before I got done taking that picture......Wish all my problems were like these!!!!

    Till next time, be safe, go catch a pickerel, Bass, or Yellow Perch, and God Bless You All!!!!

    Fish On!!!!!
    Capt. Butch Foster

    PSALM 34:10 Even lions may get weak and hungry, but those who look to the LORD

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    way to get some! I love catching them Northerns!

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