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    Since there has been interest in the past few years about joining the Dark Kings I felt it was time to put a list of requirements together for potential new members.
    Some of these requirements have been in place for many years but we became lax in requireing them.
    We do not go out and recruit members. We have a very large membership outside of GetBentSportFishing. Many of these members have been with us for close to 20 years.
    Below you will find a list of requirements to becoming a Dark King. This list is subject to change at any time at the Presidents and Vice Presidents discretion.
    Fulfilling these requirements does not guarantee your entrance into the DK Fishing Club, as stated, potential new members will be reviewed by the Dark King President and Vice President.

    Must respect GetBentSportFishing Site Owners, Site Administator, Forum Moderators and Dark King Members at all times.

    Must follow all GetBentSportFishings Site Rules and Guidelines and have zero Infractions.

    Must show respect to Landing Operators along with their Sportboats, Captains and Crews.

    Must be registered with GetBentSportFishing for 3 years and be an active and positive contributing member.

    Must fish on 5 Dark King Charters over a 2 year period.

    Must have a Galley Tab exceeding the cost of your ticket fare on 1 Dark King Charter.

    Must only fish with Big Hammer Swimbaits, as you know Pete Wolf is an Honorary Member.

    All interested parties will be reviewed by the Dark Kings President and Vice President.

    We will be watching you

    The first 4 requirements are very important as they deal with Respect, which is very important to the DKFC. Being respectful tells a lot about a persons character. Character plays a huge role in becoming a Dark King Member.

    Thanks for your interest and we hope you have a fantastic fishing season!
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