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    Hello gang well been away for a bit. But had a chance to get in a 8 day fishing trip out in mexican waters. I took a handful of my homemade swimbaits and wanted to see if I could get the mexican pelagic to give them a little taste. Well they did well. I caught all of these dodo's on a calico stick and decided to dropper loop a few baits to get the attention of these Yellowtail. Man what a heck of a trip. I also had a wahoo eat the bait on the slide but the damn fish had a little more heart than me on that day. The fish bit the bait with such force it chewed right through 80 pound wire leader. It was a sight to see for sure. But I will get him on the next go around. Here are a few picture of the trip. Take care gang till next time.


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    dam good job brada frank.

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