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    Get Bent Sportfishing offers the FOR SALE OR TRADE forums free of charge and as a courtesy for our members ONLY. Get Bent Sportfishing officers nor any of its staff agents or affiliates can attest to the accuracy of claims made nor are responsible in any way for the items, conditions or sales made. Proceed at your OWN RISK. Get Bent Sportfishing will not arbitrate disputes nor have any involvement in transactions that take place.

    This forum is designed and intended for the sale of personal equipment only that you legally posses the right to sell. Meaning, if these are your personal items you wish to sell, then you may post in this forum. If items are from/for a business or the liquidation of a business then you must have prior approval from an Administrator of Get Bent Sportfishing or your post WILL BE REMOVED.

    Items that are listed on auction or trade sites can not be listed here. If you choose to give the members here first chance at the items that is appreciated but if you choose to list them on other sites and use this site to promote them, your post will be deleted.

    Get Bent Sportfishing will cooperate as requested/required with authorities to investigate any illegal activity. PLEASE keep our site safe, friendly and free by not abusing its intent or conducting illegal activity. DO NOT POST ANY STOLEN EQUIPMENT.


    Unless you are interested in the items or have an offer for the items, please do not post to the thread the items are on. If you have a comment about the price or quality please PM the seller directly. Off handed comments will be deleted.

    Due to reported problems with this forum the following rules will be strictly adhered to.
    ___________________ ________

    We appreciate that you give your fellow GetBent members a chance to buy your items but Get Bent Sportfishing will not be held responsible for false statements, poor selling practices and/or stolen or lost items. Use these forums at your own risk. We suggest you iron out any shipping, trade or payment requirements prior to completing any transaction(s).

    We hope you understand these rules and if you have any questions please send a pm to our administrators or moderators, we will do our best to explain.
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