Three at a Bar

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    A Texan, a New Yorker and a New Jersey resident were drinking beverage in a bar. The Texan drained his glass of tequila, threw the half-full bottle up in the air, drew and fired his pistol, shattering the bottle. The other two were shocked at his ruining perfectly good tequila. The Texan explained, “Where I come from, we have plenty of great tequila.”

    The New Yorker, not to be outdone, drained his glass of wine, threw the half-full wine bottle in the air, drew and fired his pistol, also shattering his bottle. Looking over at the other two with an air of superiority characteristic of New Yorkers, he announced, “Where I come from, we have plenty of fine wine and the best of everything!”

    Seeing that, the New Jersey resident drained his bottle of Bud, threw it up in the air, drew his pistol and shot the New Yorker dead. He then caught his bottle on the way down and said to the Texan slowly, “Where I come from, we recycle bottles, but we have plenty of New Yorkers.” LOL:moon:

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